Atlas Logbook

Read access prod LAPP, LPSC LAPP,LPSC CC
Read access analysis LAPP,LPSC LAPP,LPSC CC
  • 17 Dec (22:51) : remove IN2P3-LAPP_DATADISK from IN2P3-LPSC_UCORE
  • 17 Dec (20:45) : remove IN2P3-LPSC_DATADISK from IN2P3-LAPP_UCORE and ANALY_LAPP
  • 15 Dec (12:50) : remove IN2P3-CC_DATADISK from accessed storage from ANALY_LAPP
  • 10 Dec (14:37) : Add IN2P3-LAPP_DATDISK to LPSC_UCORE as associated DDM storage read_lan/3
  • 8 Dec (23:20) : Remove IN2P3-CC_DATADISK from LPSC_UCORE as associated DDM storage read_lan/3
  • 7 Dec : Remove IN2P3-CC_DATADISK from LAPP_UCORE (check that FTS transfers of input temp files for production will start again)
  • 12 Nov : Remove INFN-T1 (and CERN) from the list of associated SE to LAPP WN (reason : LHCONE saturated)
  • 8 Nov : Remove LAPP SE from list of accessible files by LPSC WN (reason: internal problems of LAPP SE triggering tickets to LPSC WN)
  • Fri 21 Sept : Remove direct access to NAPOLI for LAPP prod queues ( rucio download fail because LAPP-CC line is saturated)
  • Thu 13 Sept : Add direct access to IN2P3-CC_DATADISK from ANALY_LAPP
  • Mon 10 Sept : Add IN2P3-CC_DATADISK to LPSC_MCORE (follow action of 9 September for score queue). Done after checking that at least few IN2P3-LPSC jobs read CC RSE
  • Sun 9 sept : Add IN2P3-CC_DATADISK as associated RSE to IN2P3-LPSC PQ (Understand why almost no job accessing LAPP SE for LPSC score and mcore (OK for analy queue))
  • Sat 8 Sept : Missing IN2P3-LAPP_DATADISK in read_lan for LAPP. Corrected (will read from LAPP SE increase in prod_download)
  • August : Checked that direct access for analysis from LAPP to any french ATLAS Grid site is working. ALso observed saturation of LHCONE network in France (backup link in LPSC cannot be used in addition to current link)