Southern Array Layout Optimisation


  • Configuration: number of telescopes per telescope type
  • Layout: position of telescopes belonging to a given configuration
  • Beta configuration: the configuration we are going to build during the Construction phase.

Working hypotheses

  • SST Configuration: 30 and 40 SSTs as the two most realistic extreme scenarios for the SST sub-arrays
  • MST Configuration: 13 MSTs. The number of MSTs is not fixed yet. We would expect it to lie between 13 and 15 but for the purpose of this exercise we can neglect that difference.
  • 2 MST Layout per configuration
  • 4 SST Layouts per configuration with increasing spacing

We propose to simplify one step further and consider only the 13+40 configuration with 1 MST layout (M5) and 3 SST layouts (C3 - C5 - D1a)

The ROOT file containing the performance parameters curves - differential energy sensitivity, background rate, angular resolution, energy resolution on-axis and 3-4 deg off-axis and for 50 hr and 30' of observation - can be found here:

Layout impact on different science cases

Here we create a list of science cases - each connected to its page that can be filled by people

CTAS_M5C3_1340.png (118 KB) Zanin Roberta, 02/19/2021 12:16 PM

CTAS_M5D1a_1340.png (112 KB) Zanin Roberta, 02/24/2021 05:24 PM

CTAS_M5C5_1340.png (112 KB) Zanin Roberta, 02/24/2021 05:25 PM