An IRC server has been installed on janus.agata.daq on the default port for IRC.
This service is mainly provided for administration of AGATA, debugging, and communication during run.

This server is open only to machines inside the DAQ box, so to connect to it, you need to be on a AGATA visu machine, or to be connected through SSH inside the DAQ box.

Connect through SSH

The easiest way is to connect on janus directly (or from outside of AGATA daq box).
You need to have an account on this machine.

Connect through AGATA machines

You have to be physically connected on AGATA visu machines.
You can launch whatever IRC client you want.
Theorically, irssi should be installed (this is a console application, not a graphical one ....)

IRSSI help

Connection to channel #AGATA

First of all launch irssi.

If you are connected from generic account (psa-tests for example), change your username.

[(status)] /set user_name Eric
09:31 [server]
09:31 user_name = Eric

In the status bar, connect to AGATA server

[(status)] /connect janus.agata.daq
11:30 -!- End of /MOTD command.
11:30 -!- Mode change [+i] for user Rico_
11:30 -!- Irssi: Your nick is owned by Eric Legay [~legay@janus.agata.daq]

When connected, you can change your nick

[(status)] /nick Nice_One
11:33 -!- You're now known as Nice_One

After this you just have to join the AGATA channel

[(status)] /join #AGATA
11:34 -!- Nice_One [~legay@janus.agata.daq] has joined #AGATA
11:34 [Users #AGATA]
11:34 [@Rico] [ Damian] [ Nice_One] [ Xavier_L] 
11:34 -!- Irssi: #AGATA: Total of 4 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 3 normal]
11:34 -!- Channel #AGATA created Fri Jan 10 10:44:50 2014
11:34 -!- Irssi: Join to #AGATA was synced in 0 secs

You are now connected to the #AGATA channel.

Main commands

To leave irssi, type /exit.

To list peoples connected to the channel, type /names.

To have a private discussion, type /q nick

With irssi, when you have multiples windows, you can use Alt-# to change.
Alt-1 is the main window