Involved people:

  • X. Lafay / E. Legay
  • GSI Team (including S. Pietri / D. Ralet)
  • N. Dosme / X. Grave


  • O1 - Validating Long Trace with signal from crystal
  • O2 - Stressing system (full VHDL1) in near real situation
  • O3 - Adding watchdog functionnality and testing it

Initial planning

=> Day 1 : Flashing mezzanine for one crystal, and acquiring long trace
=> Day 2-5 : Flashing all others cards, launching / stopping acquisitions, moving parameters and looking at output
=> Day 4-5 : Adding new watchdog on some cards and testing it

As Day 1, no crystals were operational, we begun by flashing all cards using anode and automatic scripts to test watchdog. Big error ...

Watchdog is working, BUT : # Problem during automatic upgrade of the card, needed to go on all cards manually to upgrade VHDL. Even asking information about this to Damiano. # When we try to fix a light issue on watchdog on site, we modified VHDL code and we discover 3 days later we had a bug in long trace ...

For the first issue, Damiano answered us, it was a "known" issue probably dur to moisture, and the easier solution is to unplug all cards and plug them again.

As soon as the first issue has been fixed and ceristals operationnal, we discovered the second issue end, but during day 4, and we didn't have time to fix it.

Goals achieved

  • Finally, basic watchdog is working fine.
  • Identifying some missing feature in topology manager
  • Using intensively topology manager
  • Huge skill improvement in card flashing ;)

A little bit disappointed about this, but some progress in remote control ...

New goals

After discussing with Damian and Stephane, and if the AMB agrees, we could continue a big part of our work remotely.
In Orsay, we have installed an AGATA remote control room, and we are working on :
  • identifying why flashing card from anode was problematic
  • fixing a strange feature on BRAM access in card
  • fixing long trace bug
  • developping new interface for mezzanine control (as we did for topology manager)
  • upgrading Linux in mezzanine card
  • testing EC environment (all LSCs + topology manager + GEC) in GSI condition

For me VHDL1 deployment has been done, and need real test with working detector.
But as intended, we still have huge work on software part to improve everything.