Involved people:
  • N. Dosme / X. Grave / E. Legay
  • S. Pietri / D. Ralet
  • Testing new TM in more or less real situation
  • Testing LSC mezzanine software
  • Upgrading GEC to control LSC Mezzanine + Anode

Topology Manager

TM Core

Lot of issue closed, system seems really very stable now.
Still have maybe some modifications to do in data description, but still minor issue.

A work on script to fill automatically DB has been done.

No major issue are known, so we should contact LNL in order to use TM as soon as possible for new electronic development.


GUI developped has been tested and showed to SP and DR.

SP is happy about colour used for this GUI ... Blue and Green are FRS colours ;)

Discussion about case of damaged items. Now when a device is damaged, all upper items will be colored in orange.

Still have some features to add, but tools seems really usefull !

LSC mezzanine software

System is operationnal.

GEC upgrade

GEC software is now compliant with p42 lib (lib with common tools used by Orsay team).

Major issue with digitizer software updates. Issue not solved, looking feedback from Daresbury.

Mezzanine control and monitoring

Anode control and monitoring

Anode SC have been updated and now deployment software are working !

Anode are seen through GEC, and we can check automatically status of Linco cards.
Still have to implement "reboot" function to be able to automatically reboot anode when linco are not well recognized, but somme issue appears on this.

Carrier switch configuration

Switches have been reconfigured to be cleanly stacked.
The 3 switches used for the carrier are now called sw-carrier-1, sw-carrier-2 and sw-carrier-3 and can be controlled through web application from scgws.

For information, the others switches are :
  • sw-s4-1 and sw-s4-2 in room S4 for digitizer controlled through sgws too.
  • sw-hutte in MessHutte
  • sw-hp in computing room
  • Last one is somewhere in GSI ;)