Involved people:
  • N. Dosme / X. Lafay / E. Legay
  • S. Pietri / D. Ralet
  • Testing VHDL1 on segment and core
  • Doing a review of GEC / LSC status software

VHDL1 tests

All test have been done with a Co60 source.

First of all a "run temoin" has been done with VHDL0 and for long trace.
  1. run_0005_VHDL0_scgw1
  2. run_0006_VHDL0_scgw2_LongTrace
  3. run_0007_VHDL1_scgw2

Run_0005, run_0006 and run_0007 were done with LSC carrier to control all mezzanines.
Please note, run_0006 doesn't have a proper configuration of carriers (trigger level badly set).

Full segment VHDL1

Partial LSC mezzanine control

  1. run_0008_VHDL1_scgw2_LSCOrsay13A_LSCCarrier13B13C

Only the mezzanines of the crystal 13A were controlled with LSC mezzanine.
All the others mezzanines were controlled with LSC carrier.

Data seems OK, but need more detailed analysis.

Full LSC mezzanine control

  1. run_0009_VHDL1_scgw2_LSCOrsayFULL
  2. run_0010_VHDL1_scgw2_LSCOrsayFULL_BadConf
  3. run_0011_VHDL1_scgw2_LSCOrsayFULL_GOOD

All the mezzanines were controlled with LSC mezzanine.

Run_0009 was taken during night and has to be replayed (no space left on disks before the end of acquisition).
Run_0010 has probably a problem in one configuration file....

Segment + core VHDL1

  1. run_0012_VHDL1_scgw2_LSCOrsayFULL_GOOD_with_CORE13A
  2. run_0013_VHDL1_scgw2_LSCOrsay13A_with_CORE13A_GOOD

All the mezzanines were controlled with LSC mezzanine.
Core signal was handled by core cards for crystal 13A. It was done with a splitter sent from Orsay to distribute the signals to the GTS directly with fiber.

Run_0012 was taken during night, we had a fiber inversion between segment mezzanine 1 and 2 on crystal 13A, but a lot of statistics.
Run_0013, the fibers were not inverted anymore, but less statistics was aquired.

Test of long trace

Some long traces were taken (run_0010), but not successfully. Still to investigate.
Only mezzanines hosted on master carrier sucessfully sent long traces.
But these traces seems uncompliant with the format expected by readATCA software.


Problems discovered :
  • Need to add a watch dog (losing one card in 2 nights in a row)
  • LSC GUI can be highly improved and is really poorly transcribed from french ;)
  • When adding core mezzanine, we have strange behaviour of tension on carrier V3 (carrier-019 at least)

But when using segment or core mezzanine with VHDL1, the system seems to be stable.
Data need to be analyzed to confirm efficiency and proper behaviour of the preprocessing

Problem with core cards splitter. Need to find a solution or to buy new splitter.

Review of software status


It's not the problem ....

Topology Manager

Huge problem : software crash when you use it in normal envirnoment. Tests were done with a too lightly loaded system.
Need a FAR BETTER GUI ... The GUI must hide all the topology complexity from the user.
XML files are clearly not an acceptable solution.

LSC carrier / GTS / Digitizer

We need to centralize logs !
Need some automatic check of configuration -> Topology Manager

LSC Mezzanine

Stable enough, lot of spell checking to do on GUI.
Lot of little things to improve, nothing critical.

Hardware movement between GSI and Orsay

Hardware taken to Orsay :
  • anode21 + linco2 + optical modules
  • carrier10 and carrier27 + GTS8 + 7 segment mezzanines with optical modules
  • Broken carrier53 + 4 segment mezzanines without optical modules
Hardware already in Orsay :
  • A linco2 card
Hardware brought @GSI:
  • test-sc (old narval6) - IBM x3550