Meeting in Orsay about the GUI - 2011/07/05

Present : Luz, Nicolas, Amel, Eric, Thierry

I've added a picture of the actual GUI for carriers.
Maybe it could be the right part of the window, and as Thierry says, when you click on an cluster you have a popup with more detailled information.

Expert mode

  • sending a command line command and displaying result in XML mode
  • Keeping history
  • Calling back a command from history

Topology Manager functionnality

  • Displaying tree of all detectors / clusters and crystals in the TM
  • Displaying information for each level of elements (based on get_information for now)
  • Giving a way to activate / unactivate each element

Overview of global detector - monitoring

Global Information

  • Number of active crystals
  • LN2 Status
  • Detector state
  • Run Number
  • Date

Graphical Overview

  • Displaying whole clusters in right position (black = no cluster)
  • GTS: trigger/triggerless information

Cluster information
  • Displaying each crystall with counting rate
  • Info about crystal (from TM for example)
  • Histo with couting rate

Overview of global detector - control

Possibility to start / stop/ reset / setup each elements (detector, cluster, crystal)