Meeting in LNL - 2010/07/05

Present : Marco, Pietro, Luz, Nicolas, ToF, Eric
Miss : Dino, Damiano, Thierry


Thierry Descombes from LPSC Grenoble is joining the team to help on development. In first time, he will devellop GUI for GSC and / or physicist display.

GSC news

Status in LNL for RC, Carrier, GTS and digitizer

  • State about configuration (local file / hard coded / ...)
  • Interconnection between existing software
    • Orders ?
    • Information ?
  • Interface to connect with others software


In RC many Functionnal Manager (FM) are deplyed. Each work for a single task (NARVAL, Ancillary PRISMA, Future SC)
  1. SC FM was done with a Vic interface. It's tested but not really used.
    FM too simple to control correctly Digitizer.
  2. A FM is able to connect ENX and is under tests. Limited commands to state machine actions for the moment.
  3. To automatize start / stop actions between electronics and NARVAL, FM is able to call script via SSH commands. Not used to setup or configure Carrier.


Damiano is not present


Any development frozen since January.
He has to :
  • Work on firmware upgrade
  • Start GUI to display main parameters and status.

Actually, an interface written in python exists, but still in prototype mode. Plan difficult to defines, because of manpower lack.

From production point of view, GSI cards will be OK soon and GANIL will need 40 cards for other experiment.

?? To write ?? Probably a new guy in end of the year for 15 months.

The next major upgrade will be a python version of Joel work.
The following step will be to add Damiano WSDL bridge to have AGATA compliant communication. But anyway, GTS will need some specific funtionnality added to the common functions.

GTS needs information about topology. Solved by topology manager.


UK will delivered last 8 digitizers. Not be able to build new digitizer. Problem for post GSI phase.

Status about new software (GEC / Topology)

  • State of development
  • Interfaces usable


One access point to all LSC and providesa a per TC and Crystal view.
Electronics simulation for now and need to test with real electronics.

Topology is read from file, but not a lot of work to discuss with TM.


TM interface is defined by soap server.
Currently a XML file describe the topology and is written in DB at each launch. As soon as possible, the DB will become static, and permanent.
All devices are listed in XML and have lot of parameters (from card name to firmware revision).


State Machine

Probably need more state for GTS, Carrier and digitizaer synchronisation. The sequence is quite complex.
Crystal state machine should be improved to react to this reality.

Multiple sub systems

Problem to have 2 sub systems in consistent state.
Need to reinforce coherency with detector name for all informations asked to the TM, and TM must be able to manage multiple detectors.

The RC will always communicate with the main detector, not with the subsystems.

Filling DB of TM

In the case of electronics able to autodetect some information, it could be better to have WSDL interface to fill database.
The main example for the moment is the GTS one.

Configuration manager

For the moment no Configuration Manager is in used. No teams are ready to used it. Actually, it's vic's to be used, but maybe we will have to thing to future if features missed.

Plan for the week

  • WARNING : Dead line and constraint
  • 6th of July
    • Inteconnections between RC and GSC and Topology
    • Interconnections between GSC and Carrier / Digitizer
  • 7th of July (Christophe leaving on noon)
    • Test and validation and modification
    • Documentation ;-)
  • 8th of July (Thierry leaving on night)
    • Discussion with physicist and feedback in use
    • Afternoon : Discussion about next features and next deadline
      • Adding GUI to control and visualize SC software
      • Configuration manager
      • Controlling ATCA crates
      • Handling setup and configuration manager
      • Controlling GTS
      • Communication with DSS
      • Controlling Core and / or Segment mezzanines
      • Ancillary control
      • AGAVA
  • 9th of July (Eric, Luz and Nicolas leaving on noon)
    • Technical discussions
  1. It appears than heat problems are not easily solved by controlling ATCA crates.
    And as no standard for this crates exists, it's quite complex to develop some software to manage them. So controlling crates is postponed.
    For information ATMEL provides documentation of structure of chef manager. Maybe in the future ....
  2. Communication with DSS is postponed too for internal problem at Saclay
  3. Ancillary control will be solved case by case. The main point is the sequencing orders. But as no software standard and a lot of already developped SC, no possibility to do generic works.

DAQ news

The ASC could decides of the new project manager in teh week.

Status of last experiment

Dino is not present

  1. Problem at very low rate. But DAQ tested at 150 kHz per crystal, and is OK.
  2. Pause can be done by GTS. Marco will do it as soon as he will restart on GTS slow control.

Summary page / monitoring

The main window will divided in 4 zones:
  1. Global status (Big button)
  2. Crystal status (State of electronics and / or trigger rates)
  3. Architecture image (zabbix)
  4. More detailled information
    • Run Number
    • Start time
    • Number of crystals
    • Disk usage
    • Any other pertinent informations

We will need a machine and nice screen to display in friendly way this information. Need to find money.
Anyway this machine must be dedicated to monitoring and will not be usable by users, no interaction device will be available on it.

Thierry D. could do this job, need to talk with him.

Future maintenance

  • Improvement for narvalds* machines to do.
  • Migration of database of Zabbix on not virtual machine.
  • Installation of narval 19, narval20 and narval21 for the last TC

Should be come back in October. need to talk with Enrico Farnea.


To discuss about next development and so on, one guy from DAQ team should join FEE meeting.