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Added by Rol Evert almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Hello, I've recently started with CTA (development for the SSTCAMs), and I have access to the CTA project pages, and access to the in2p3 website. The latter, however, appears to rather limited: I can access a few pages, but none of the ones that colleagues have suggested for me to look at. For example: , or all give a non-authorized message for me.

If this something that needs to be activated on the system-administration part? Or does this still require approval from elsewhere? Note that the relevant colleagues who have set up my initial account(s), Richard White and Gianluca Giavitto, are currently both on holidays, but I'd prefer not to wait until they are back if this can fairly easily resolved. Hence my question/issue currently here.

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Updated by ROUET Jean-René almost 2 years ago

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i've just added your account to the cta group.
i think it's solved the problem


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Updated by Rol Evert almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the quick response!
Though no luck so far. I've logged out and back in, but the suggested links are still unauthorized for me.
I'll give it a bit of a wait; perhaps some permissions need to migrate to various subsystems to work.

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Updated by Rol Evert almost 2 years ago

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No luck still.
I did notice the links that were sent to me are listed under , so under the "computing-info" project. Not the CTA project.
I'm not sure if I should have access to computing-info/ , or that the documents should be put elsewhere where I can view thme.

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Updated by Hoffmann Dirk almost 2 years ago

Please ask your question in an email to cta-support, Rol Evert, and also have a look at the test instance of the CTA-Redmine, which will be entirely managed by CTAO as announced last Friday.

Indeed computing-info is a restricted group. Contact the coordinators for access.

I think this ticket can be closed. There is nothing to do for the CC-IN2P3 crew.

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Updated by ROUET Jean-René almost 2 years ago

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