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Problem with Redmine e-mails formatting reported by Igor Oya

Added by Barbier Cecile about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Dear IT support,

Since we got the Redmine update, every time we get an update on a Redmine issue or a format, the automatic email looks very oddly formatted with some sot of markup tags.
See below an example.

Any idea on how to fix this?


1 - from a forum post:

<p>Oya Igor schrieb:</p>

<blockquote>Dear all. On April 15th the ACADA, LST, and NectarCAM team discussed the ICD draft and especially the proposal of FlashCam on a C++-based API with hides the protocol buffers. Attached are the minutes of the call </blockquote>

<p>Thank you, Igor for the minutes and the discussions. We promised to write up some more comments (or "issues";) in the forum after internal discussion within LST and MST-N. Presently a total of 7 are discussed. I start with a commonly commented version of the ICD, attached to this answer.</p>

2 - from an issue:

<p>Oya Igor wrote:</p>

<p>Attached some slides I am planning to use to help with the discussion tomorrow. </p>

<p>And now a small update on slide 11</p>

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What is the problem exactly ?
In my email reader, the mail looks good.
Redmine send an email with a text version and a html version, this is a correct behaviour.
Cécile do you confirm the problem ?

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Updated by Barbier Cecile about 1 year ago

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The problem seems to occur on projects with CKeditor instead of the default standard textile editor.

Dirk found a very old ticket on this topic:

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Updated by ROUET Jean-René about 1 year ago

We have a problem, this plugin don't work correctly with redmine 4.2.
Some reported bugs are not corrected by the plugin developer.
The only viable solution for me is to disable it => problem all the projects with ckeditor activated will loose the formatting on all previously created objects.
24 projects use it.
May be it's possible to rollback conversion from html to textile (cf docs :

I need administrators opinion.

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