Hajnal Akos

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Reported issues: 7


02:21 PM JSAGA Feature #8886 (Rejected): GridFTP connection time
Hi Lionel!
Last year we wrote some articles about Data Avenue we implemented that relies on jsaga, and had to do s...


03:14 PM JSAGA Bug #6768: Exception for irods listing with jargon
Additional note: the bug does not come out with Tomcat running on Windows.
02:31 PM JSAGA Bug #6768 (Resolved): Exception for irods listing with jargon
I get exception randomly when I try to list an irods directory (stacktrace attached).
This problem never occurs whe...


02:09 PM JSAGA Bug #6252 (Resolved): HTTP with UserPass context
Dear Developers,
JSAGA's HTTP offers UserPass authentication as a valid context type,
but I don't see userpass ...


12:55 PM JSAGA Bug #5608 (Resolved): UserProxyObject NPE
The following code throws null pointer exception:...


01:58 PM JSAGA Feature #5603 (Closed): Progress monitoring on directory copy/move
Metric for progress monitoring is not available when copying directories.
(file.copy.progress applies to single fil...


02:35 PM JSAGA User questions: RE: Progress monitoring
Thank you!


09:55 AM JSAGA User questions: RE: Exception at closing streams
Hi Lionel,
I tried in every possible way, on different protocols, with many threads, but couldn't reproduce the pr...


01:33 PM JSAGA User questions: Exception at closing streams
Dear Developers,
Just a minor note - maybe applies to version 0.9.16 only.
If I close input/output streams ope...


10:29 AM JSAGA User questions: RE: Progress monitoring
Dear Lionel,
Thanks for the quick improvement!
Regards, Akos

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