Rissi Michael

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  • The name of the project ?: Improve Gamma Hadron Separation with Deep Learning
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    Dear sir, dear madam,
    I did my phd in astro particle physics (MAGIC), where I was part of the team that discovered the pulsed emission from Crab. Since then, I left acadamia, but I am nevertheless still interested in the topic! Professionally, I use deep learning for different topics, and I wondered if they can be used to distinguish gamma rays from cosmic background. Thus, I wondered if I could get access to full pre-processed Prod3b dataset, as described here: https://github.com/bryankim96/ctalearn . If you need a reference, then please ask Adrian Biland from ETH Zurich, or for example Juan Cortina from IFAE!
    Cheers and happy gamma hunting!

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