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03:01 PM Gitlab Shibboleth sign{in,up} outage
**Shibboleth sign{in,up} will be down from June 29 6PM until July 7 FOR CNRS USERS ONLY**
Pure Shibboleth users shou...


04:47 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #17355: Synchronisation demandée pour un serveur Mercurial
Effectivement, les identifiants HTTP n'étaient pas sauvegardés :(
Je viens de corriger. Ça a l'air de bien passer.


04:38 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #17355 (Closed): Synchronisation demandée pour un serveur Mercurial
Bonjour Vincent,
J'ai synchronisé les dépôts mentionnés. Tu pourras donc les ajouter aux projets correspondants, c...


10:29 AM Intégration Continue Feature #14990 (New): better secgroup support
The cloud team wants to get rid of secgroups.
The problem is, even if we specify say the @default@ secgroup in a t...


03:42 PM Intégration Continue Bug #14983 (New): Can't launch slave "Unexpected termination of the channel"
Jenkins 2.7.4, Java 8: Unexpected termination of the channel@
This is due to the slave java...
03:38 PM Intégration Continue Bug #14982 (New): Can't launch slave PEMReader$EncryptedPrivateKeyParser
Jenkins 2.7.4, Java 8:
@java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.VerifyError: (class: org/bouncycastle/ope...
03:33 PM Intégration Continue Bug #7586 (Closed): master tries to connect spawned slave VMs on their private IP first
As of JClouds 2.8+, on the first SSH connection to bootstrap the slave, both IPs are tried, but then on the second co...
03:18 PM Intégration Continue Bug #6008 (Closed): jdk 1.7.0_51 breaks jclouds-jenkins
With a recent Jenkins verison, we currently using java 8 and @-Djdk.tls.client.protocols=TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2@, the ...
03:14 PM Intégration Continue Task #9698 (Closed): Migrate to CentOS7


03:43 PM IN2P3-Forge Project Support #14859 (Closed): Problème de contact du dépôt.
La synchro est "en place":/projects/c3f2/repository.
Si tu as le temps de regarder l'authentification par SSH, elle ...

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