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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated Category
21OvalBugNewNormalWhat happens when a subdirectory is reused in several environments ?Chamont David02/16/2009 07:00 PMOvalFile
22OvalBugNewLowDeliver messages when ISA failsChamont David02/16/2009 06:22 PMImplementation
25OvalBugNewLowTemporary files after a crashChamont David02/16/2009 06:46 PMImplementation
26OvalBugNewLowCommands options not well propagated, when declared within an OvalFileChamont David02/16/2009 06:50 PMImplementation
27OvalBugNewLowSome commands should not require a current valid directoryChamont David02/16/2009 06:51 PMSite Customization & Flavors
28OvalBugNewLow"oval validate" should remove differences in "oval log"Chamont David12/08/2010 09:47 PMOther
29OvalFeatureNewLowThe build tool should handle directories ?Chamont David02/16/2009 07:06 PMOther
30OvalFeatureNewHighUse environments as targets to the step commandsChamont David02/16/2009 07:12 PMRun command
31OvalFeatureNewNormalApply a command to a subdirectory subset ?Chamont David02/16/2009 07:14 PMRun command
32OvalBugNewNormalWrite a more detailed configuration docChamont David02/16/2009 07:18 PMDocumentation
33OvalFeatureNewNormalSupport for gzipped ref filesChamont David02/16/2009 07:23 PMDiff command
34OvalFeatureNewNormalExtend input/output controlChamont David02/16/2009 07:27 PMImplementation
35OvalFeatureNewNormalGive less importance to the build stepChamont David02/16/2009 07:41 PMDocumentation
36OvalFeatureNewLowExtend tasks with begin/end directory commandsChamont David02/16/2009 07:42 PMOther
37OvalFeatureNewLowAutomatically select the shell flavorChamont David02/16/2009 07:44 PMImplementation
42ENXFeatureNewUrgentModule ID Handler06/05/2013 02:27 PMENX Core
86RlsngConsFeatureNewLowTris dynamiques03/30/2009 03:31 PM
87RlsngConsFeatureNewLowLimiter la taille du cache03/30/2009 03:32 PM
93RlsngConsFeatureNewLowTouche pour forcer le renouvellement de cache03/31/2009 10:16 AM
113ENXBugFeedbackHighremove reference to T_Result constantsLegay Eric05/16/2011 01:26 PMDriver Generator
172OvalBugNewUrgentAutomatic variablesChamont David10/02/2009 02:24 PMRun command
174OvalFeatureNewHighoval run -oChamont David10/02/2009 02:47 PMRun command
186RlsngConsFeatureNewNormalFlood limitPuel Mattieu10/07/2009 01:07 PM
187RlsngConsFeatureNewLowAbort limit/delete/ackPuel Mattieu10/07/2009 01:08 PM
202SmurfFeatureNewLowSmurf::DB::Getopt add fping to smelect10/21/2009 04:46 PM

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