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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated Category
45181 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-108 Pouvoir déposer dans différents systèmes de coordonnées 02/22/2022 04:38 PM Actions
45131 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-049 SURETE_250 Transfert des données 03/16/2022 04:16 PM Actions
45183 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-110 Arrêt et redémarrage automatique en cas de coupure électrique 03/16/2022 04:38 PM Actions
45175 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-102 Surveillance et sécurisation de la BD 03/16/2022 04:38 PM Actions
44814 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-101 Logs 03/16/2022 04:38 PM Actions
44811 PyROS Story New Normal *** REQ-100 FROM CCTP TAROT-NC & MEETINGS 03/16/2022 04:38 PM Actions
45184 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-111 Mise en sécurité automatique en cas de cyclone 03/16/2022 04:38 PM Actions
45101 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-034 SURETE_080 Coupure électrique 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45103 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-033 SURETE_050 Prise en compte de la météo 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45129 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-046 SURETE_210 Arrêt du système en cas de condition météorologiques défavorables 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45128 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-045 SECURITE_200 Système d'alerte 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45130 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-047 SURETE_240 Sauvegarde des données brutes 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45135 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-050 SURETE_260 Système informatique (SSI) 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45154 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-070 SSI_010 Spécifications techniques SSI 03/16/2022 04:42 PM Actions
45126 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-048 sauvegarde des données brutes 03/16/2022 04:43 PM Actions
45153 PyROS Story New Normal REQ-051 Sécurité des systèmes informatique (SSI) 03/16/2022 04:44 PM Actions
22 Oval Bug New Low Deliver messages when ISA fails Chamont David 02/16/2009 06:22 PM Implementation Actions
25 Oval Bug New Low Temporary files after a crash Chamont David 02/16/2009 06:46 PM Implementation Actions
26 Oval Bug New Low Commands options not well propagated, when declared within an OvalFile Chamont David 02/16/2009 06:50 PM Implementation Actions
27 Oval Bug New Low Some commands should not require a current valid directory Chamont David 02/16/2009 06:51 PM Site Customization & Flavors Actions
938 SphereLib Bug New Low Construction icosahedron 09/29/2010 11:32 AM Actions
1082 Oval Bug New Low NO DIFF 11/16/2010 11:44 AM Command Line Interface Actions
28 Oval Bug New Low "oval validate" should remove differences in "oval log" Chamont David 12/08/2010 09:47 PM Other Actions
1235 LC2 Bug Assigned Low shared-lib-calls-exit Lafage Vincent 01/13/2011 12:16 AM Actions
1252 LC2 Bug Assigned Low What is the proper Parsing Algorithm? Lafage Vincent 01/17/2011 11:34 AM Actions
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