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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated Category
5431 ENX Support New Low Cleaning compilation chain Legay Eric 10/29/2013 10:18 AM ENX Core Actions
852 ENX Feature New Low Better handling of exception in empty skeleton Legay Eric 01/30/2013 03:58 PM Driver Generator Actions
660 ENX Support New High Documentation Legay Eric 05/27/2010 10:55 AM Documentation Actions
748 Pipelet Feature New Low Git and CVS repositories Le Jeune Maude 03/11/2011 11:41 AM Actions
742 SphereLib Task New Normal Import des binaires fits Le Jeune Maude 06/09/2010 07:24 PM Actions
8369 LC2 Feature New Normal Standardize by relying on GNU getopt instead of proprietary cmdline Lafage Vincent 10/27/2014 07:06 PM Actions
8099 LC2 Feature New High Add business rule forbidding empty CRT-DSP configuration (at least 1 manu per CRT DSP) Lafage Vincent 10/27/2014 07:00 PM Actions
2118 LC2 Feature New Low Prepare the Command Line Interface of validator to parse rdRam Lafage Vincent 10/20/2011 04:20 PM Actions
57939 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF02) MODULE - django module - organization, files, classes (scp_mgmt) Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 11:06 AM Actions
57936 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF01) MODULE - django module - organization, files, classes (users_mgmt) Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 10:31 AM Actions
57931 PyROS Task New Normal Amélioration de la configuration d'un Channel Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 09:48 AM Actions
57406 PyROS Task New Normal Sequence (submit, upload) Koralewski Alexis 05/30/2023 03:04 PM Actions
57402 PyROS Task New Normal Plan Koralewski Alexis 05/30/2023 02:45 PM Actions
51508 PyROS Task New Normal AgentMajordome (based on Agent) Koralewski Alexis 06/29/2022 07:31 AM Actions
49541 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF16) API REST (website scripting via script) Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 11:41 AM Actions
49251 PyROS Task New Normal Test (update and submit) Koralewski Alexis 05/30/2023 03:33 PM Actions
49157 PyROS Task New Normal **** (SF15) AgentHyperSST - Hyper Agent général qui démarre et surveille l'ensemble des Super agents SST sur chaque noeud Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 12:20 AM Actions
49156 PyROS Task New Normal **** (SF15) AgentSST (Start&Stop) - Super Agent qui démarre et stoppe les agents du noeud pyros dont il est responsable, et surveille leur bonne santé (les relance si besoin) Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 12:20 AM Actions
45340 PyROS Task New Normal INITIAL DATA (fixtures) Koralewski Alexis 12/14/2021 12:09 PM Actions
45003 PyROS Task New Normal test READ Config (and view) Koralewski Alexis 05/31/2023 09:09 AM Actions
44939 PyROS Task New Normal SUBMIT a Seq to planning (status => "submitted") Koralewski Alexis 05/30/2023 08:59 PM Actions
44930 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF05) TESTS to validate requirements Koralewski Alexis 05/30/2023 01:17 PM Actions
44928 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF05) ENTITIES (MODEL) doc & impl Koralewski Alexis 05/30/2023 03:48 PM Actions
44881 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF02) ENTITIES (MODEL) - definition & impl Koralewski Alexis 05/19/2023 11:52 PM Actions
44847 PyROS Task New Normal *** (SF01) TESTS (to validate requirements) Koralewski Alexis 05/19/2023 03:46 PM Actions
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