environnement redmin pour projet gw-emfollowup sur forge.in2p3.fr

Added by CHASSANDE-MOTTIN Eric over 7 years ago


serait-il possible de creer un nouvel environnement redmine pour le projet "gw-emfollowup" ?

il s'agit d'un projet prive effectue dans le cadre de la collaboration Virgo


The field of gravitational-wave physics will enter soon a new era with the advent of a new generation of detectors. Thanks to a ten-fold increase in sensitivity with respect to the previous generation, the advanced detectors such as advanced Virgo will probably make the first direct detection of gravitational waves. Most likely sources are very energetic astrophysical events like core collapse supernovae or mergers of neutron-star and/or black hole binaries.
It is probable that those events are not only visible in the gravitational-wave spectrum but also in the electromagnetic spectrum. The observation of an electromagnetic counterpart (in the band ranging from the radio waves to the gamma rays) is likely to be a key ingredient for confirming the cosmic nature of the first detected gravitational-wave event. This project aims at bridging the gap between gravitational-wave observations and conventional photon-based astronomy.

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