Problem with SSHJobControlAdaptor class

Added by Scardaci Diego over 5 years ago

Dear Guys,
we are developing a new adaptor that uses internally SSH adaptor classes to perform some operations.
The new adaptor uses VOMS security context.

Inside our JobControlAdaptor class we declared a SSHJobControlAdaptor:

private SSHJobControlAdaptor sshControlAdaptor = new SSHJobControlAdaptor();

and we set the security credential in the following way:

new SSHSecurityCredential (

inside the getInputStagingTransfer method of our JobControlAdaptor we wrapped the SSH adaptor in the following way:

public StagingTransfer[] getInputStagingTransfer(String nativeJobId)
throws PermissionDeniedException,
NoSuccessException {
StagingTransfer[] result = null;
String _publicIP = nativeJobId.substring(nativeJobId.indexOf("")+1, nativeJobId.indexOf("#"));
String _nativeJobId = nativeJobId.substring(0, nativeJobId.indexOf("
try {            
System.out.println("\nCalling ... getInputStagingTransfer");
sshControlAdaptor.connect(null, _publicIP, 22, null, new HashMap());
result = sshControlAdaptor.getInputStagingTransfer(_nativeJobId);
} catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(System.out); }
return result;

we tested the new adaptor in 2 different machines (with the same JSAGA version installed). It works well in one machine but in the other machine we got the following error when the getInputStagingTransfer is called:

NoSuccess: AuthenticationFailed: Security context class '' not supported for protocol: sftp

I don't understand why:
1) the SSH adaptor is using a VOMSSecurityCredential if we set its security credential as I described above
2) we have a different behavior in different machines with the same JSAGA version installed. That's very strange...

do you have any idea?

I can send you the code of the new adaptor if you want to look it.


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RE: Problem with SSHJobControlAdaptor class - Added by Schwarz Lionel over 5 years ago

Hi Diego,
Please contact me on my email with your code
I'll have a look today hopefully